Bioscience Writing and Editing

Kinetic Constructs LLC specializes in bioscience communication. Discoveries in the life sciences are translated for medical and scientific professionals in other fields, and communicated in an understandable and usable format to interested public audiences. Kinetic Constructs provides summaries of scientific publications as well as customer information literature for biomedical products and services. We also offer writing, editing, and end-to-end publication support for research manuscripts.


Kinetic Constructs LLC combines a bioscience research background with expertise in science communication. Judith A Gilbert, president of and writer for Kinetic Constructs, has an MS in biochemistry, a BA in microbiology, and more than thirty years of experience in research laboratories in the life sciences. Her interest in bioscience writing and editing evolved from the publication of original findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals, the delivery of departmental seminars, and the presentation of slide talks and posters at international professional meetings. Judith has served as Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and as Associate in Oncology Research at Mayo Clinic.


Bioscience communications. Kinetic Constructs LLC offers a range of written formats, including:

  • summaries of research findings in the life sciences for the interested public
  • background descriptions of the science underpinning biomedical products and services
  • presentations of novel concepts and discoveries in the biosciences to medical professionals and scientists from other disciplines

Reviews of bioscience literature. Services range from one-paragraph summaries of individual scientific publications to in-depth research on a selected topic.

Bioscientific fact checking and technical review. We verify the scientific statements incorporated by authors into books and articles for the public audience.

Writing and editing for scientific manuscripts. Our business provides services to assist in the preparation of research manuscripts for publication, including editing, writing, and proofreading.

End-to-end scientific manuscript publication support. These services include preparing the manuscript in final format, submitting the paper to the selected journal, corresponding with the journal on behalf of the author, submitting revisions or resubmissions as necessary, and correcting the page proofs of the accepted manuscript.

About the Writer

Judith is a member of professional organizations for bioscience and for technical writers, including American Association for Cancer Research, Society for Neuroscience, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and American Medical Writers Association.

Her memberships in honor societies include Sigma Xi — The Scientific Research Society and Iota Sigma Pi — National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry.